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It is a great way to get people to care about our community and spread the word about events needing volunteers.

  • Ideas: Bobbie Allen's Gardens AlongThe Mike Michaud Trail

    Bobbie Allen's Gardens AlongThe Mike Michaud Trail

    Bobbie Allen's Gardens Along the Mike Michaud Multi-use Trail This year's projects for fundraising is for a rear bagger for the lawn tractor costing approximately $399.00. A cedar post and rail fence for the two sections of the path that runs alongside the ATV/snowmobile paths. Cost approximately $1500 for 1000 feet of fencing post, rails, cement to set the posts, and acrylic plaques which the donor's names will be placed on the fencing. .(I have three sections of 10 feet each sponsored by donors). The Cost will double if I have it installed. $3000.00 8 pallets of mulch $500.00 Gas 100 gallons Approximately $300.00 Chain saw Approximately $300.00 2 gas cans $45.00 4 replacement blades for the mowers $150 Dr Trimmer/Push lawn Mower $399 4 Game cameras approximately $400 miscellaneous $500 total needed for this year's project $5993 The fencing will go along the back path portion and behind the little league field where the ATV and walking paths run along side each other

  • great idea!
    I would like to have solar lights along the Michaud Walking trail also!

  • Revitalize Hillcrest Park

    $5,200.00 raised
    GOAL: $5,000.00

  • It was such a wonderful time seeing all the smiles on the kid’s faces. Christmas is such a fun time for seeing kids enjoying the holiday waiting for Santa to come.

  • I am trying to raise money for a shed to house the Walking path equipment in. I need sponsorship and help funding this project of approximately $2500.00 Thank you

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I am known as the Flower Lady. Volunteer gardener and groundskeeper of the Walking Path portions of Granite st. To Ash and Central Street and Forest Ave to behind Stearns to State Street of the Michaud Multi-use Trail
GOAL: $10.00