Community Development

Building Community, One Project at a Time

Our Katahdin launched in December 2014, and has since raised more than $90,000 to support local leaders who have identified “small win” community development projects.  The projects we have delivered include:

  • Revitalization of the Millinocket bandstand during the 2014 Christmas season
  • Design and posting of banners in the Millinocket downtown business district
  • Creation of a community garden to supply the local Farmer’s Market and the Food Pantries
  • Support for the 2015 Millinocket Fireworks at the 4th of July and Summerfest in East Millinocket
  • Revitalization of Hillcrest playground into a public park that is designed for all citizens to enjoy
  • Purchased professional-grade outdoor movie theater and required licensing for public showings
  • Sponsored the Maine Outdoor Film Festival to come to the Katahdin region for the first time

In each case, Our Katahdin used its platform to allow local leaders to create plans, raise funds and mobilize volunteers to get the job done.  With this approach, we are not dictating the agenda for the Katahdin region, but we are providing all the support needed to enable local leaders to be successful.

We chose to start with “small wins” to build optimism and to cultivate a “can do” attitude across the region.  So far, we’ve been blown away by the positive response. Step by step, project by project, we see more leaders stepping forward, more project ideas being cultivated and more funds being raised.  Ambitions and standards are increasing, including our own. This is what we dreamed would happen. It’s happening faster than we imagined. 

Robotics Team - Stearns Jr./Sr. High School
Our Katahdin
A great opportunity for middle school students, Robotic Kits! Students will learn the software and how to use the equipment. They will use science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to solve problems.
Granite Street Playground Equipment
Our Katahdin
Kids near and far make memories at the Granite Street School playground located in Millinocket. Please help us support and encourage outdoor fun for the kids!
East Millinocket Scoreboard
Our Katahdin
Tri-town soccer players need your help! Generations past, present, and future can continue to honor Coach Ron Marks with a new, fully functional scoreboard. Please help us support a great sport for the youth!
Little League Lawn Tractor
Dave Michaud
With spring in the air and dedicated volunteers ready to go, baseball continues to be what kids in Millinocket, East Millinocket and Medway look forward to. The league has a rebuild plan underway.
Flag to watch over Medway Athletic Fields
George McLaughlin
It’s been a labor love 10 years in the making. George McLaughlin remembers watching his grandaughter playing a soccer game on a field that was practically under water. That sparked a journey to create fantastic athletic fields for...
Welcome Mural
Joy McEwen
Local artist, Joy McEwen, wants to paint a mural highlighting the papermaking history of Millinocket on the visible side of Katahdin View Storage, LLC.- the brick building near the park on the corner of Central St. and Penobscot Ave. It’s...
Katahdin Community Stimulus
Katahdin Chamber of Commerce
For the past five Decembers a brave and mighty contingent of runners and supporters have descended upon the Katahdin region to race in the Millinocket Marathon and Half. The spirit of the race continues to be one of giving back...
Mobilize Katahdin - COVID -19 Community Response
Mobilize Katahdin Coalition
Mobilize Katahdin is a coalition of partners in the Katahdin Region dedicated to organizing mutual aid efforts and connecting people to accurate information and local resources. Modelled after other quick community responses within Maine...
Ktaadn Arts Gallery
Kimberley Lyons, Will Cassio, Sam Cote
A local group of artists and artisans from throughout the state of Maine, with a special concentration in the Katahdin Region are forming an artists collective gallery in East Millinocket. Artists and galleries attract visitors. Please help the Ktaadn Arts...
Millinocket Bandstand Restoration
Nancy DeWitt
The Millinocket bandstand is in need of some restoration work. This includes a thorough cleaning with power washing equipment, filling cracks, and priming and painting. Please help to restore our beautiful bandstand!
Old Medway Church Window Sills
Kathy Lee
The Medway community is rallying to restore the Church. It is a beautiful, historic building and a meaningful building for the entire community. Recently, Alyssa Dickinson, her 8th grade students and mentors from the community formed the...
Flexible Seating for Middle School Readers
Anna Hager Loome
Middle school English and Language Arts students spend a significant amount of class time reading, including both teacher-chosen and student-chosen books. Reading proficiency, as well as the background knowledge students accumulate...
Project Dugout
Keri York
This is the beginning of a plan to spruce-up the dugouts at the baseball and softball fields behind Stearns. Parents, players and volunteers are already working on repairing the roofs, painting and cleaning up the dugouts. Let’s help our baseball...
Veterans Memorial Renovation
Michael A. Madore
It’s time to honor our current veterans by renovating, restoring and expanding the existing veterans memorial located in Veterans Park in downtown Millinocket. Due to a lack of space, no additional names of veterans have been added since the Vietnam...
Little League Bats - Millinocket, East Millinocket and Medway
David Michaud
Remember baseball games as a kid? Pick up games with your friends on the weekends, or late in the evening as the stars came out in the summer? What was your favorite part? Nachos with cheese from the concession...
Little League Bats - Patten
Scott Martin
Remember baseball games as a kid? Pick up games with your friends on the weekends, or late in the evening as the stars came out in the summer? What was your favorite part? Nachos with cheese from the concession...
Bobbie's Garden Fences
Bobbie Allen
To protect newly planted trees and flowers along the Michaud Trail, Bobbie is raising funds for fencing for the area. The garden needs approximately 75 feet of chain link fencing to create a safe boundary between the planted trees and...
Holiday Lamp Post Decorations
Lynn Beaulier
Lynn and Nancy knitted the 4th of July decorations that covered the lamp posts to add a festive mood to Penobscot Avenue for the holiday. They are at it again! The two will knit and crochet post strips to cover...
Outdoor Ed. Class - Kayak Paddles
Sue Buzzell
We believe that it is important for youth to experience outdoor recreational activities. Many of our students have never had the opportunity to hike, ski, snowshoe or kayak. This class exposes them to these activities and...
Discover the Katahdin Region
Wende Sairio
The Katahdin Region is a wonderful place visit, to explore and to live. As with any visitor to a new place, having information about how to navigate the area is critical to a rich, comfortable experience. As we found out...
"I" Love Maine Sign
Canaan York
I love Maine! This project will install a large-scale interactive sign with a photo of Katahdin in downtown East Millinocket. It will give locals and visitors to the Katahdin Region a beautiful and riveting reason to stop and take photos...
Medway Historical Society
Alyssa Dickinson
Donate to the Medway Historical Society! The town of Medway has never before had a historical society. Thirty eighth grade students, along with six community mentors are working diligently to change that. This group formed Medway Historical Society in September...
Katahdin Libraries STEM Children's Program
Matt DeLaney
As we move into an information-based economy, with a heavy reliance on technology, students need to develop their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills and capabilities to prepare...
MRH Warming Blankets
Kim Faloon / MRH
Millinocket Regional Hospital Outpatient Oncology Clinic treats patients from the entire region. Patients receiving chemotherapy come from Patten, Island Falls, Mt. Chase, Sherman, Medway, East Millinocket and Millinocket. While these patients receive their...
Performing Arts Traveling Sound System
Matthew Waite
The local Performing Arts Department is one of the most active and well-respected performing arts departments in the state of Maine. Their programs have a long history of excellence, and they have received numerous awards for their...
Medway Christmas Tree Lighting
Traci Waite
Medway will start a new tradition this year. They are planning a “TREE LIGHTING CEREMONY” at the Medway Recreation Complex on Sat. 11/26. We are fundraising for LED Christmas lights for a large tree, a timer, and an extension cord....
Hillcrest Park Swing Set
Amy Collinsworth
Hillcrest Park has new trees that are surrounded by bricks and mulch, newly-planted grass, mulch, bushes, flowers, a “Welcome to Hillcrest Park” sign, solar lights, a newly-sealed basketball court, repainted lines on the court, new basketball nets, a wooden bench...
Michaud Trail Gardens
Bobbie Allen
The Michaud trail was named by the Town of Millinocket for U.S. Congressman Michael Michaud, in recognition of his service to the Katahdin region. The trail is a 1.69-mile loop on both sides of Millinocket Stream. The trail is paved,...
East Millinocket Gazebo Restoration
Mark Scally
The pretty gazebo in the park in East Millinocket is in need of refurbishment. The gazebo will need repairs to the flooring and railings, new lattice work, concrete pillows for elevation, and a complete paint job. If we can make...
Festival Tents Project
Katahdin Area Chamber of Commerce
Help make the Katahdin region festive this summer! This fundraiser by the Katahdin Area Chamber of Commerce is to purchase four white festival tents, including the appropriate storage containers. The tents will be a great benefit for all Katahdin region...
Millinocket Historical Society Paver Project
Create a lasting memory, and contribute to the preservation of Millinocket’s history. Help the Millinocket Historical Society complete a renovation of the museum by purchasing a personalized engraved paver.
Winterfest 2016
Winterfest Planning Committee
Our Katahdin is pleased to support the collaboration of the Fin and Feather Club of Maine, the Katahdin Area Chamber of Commerce and the Northern Timber Cruisers Snowmobile Club in an effort to raise funding for television commercial production and...
The Spruce-Up Project
Janelle Cyr
The “Spruce-Up Project” is a group of local volunteers whose purpose is to identify small projects that will improve the general appearance of the tri-town area. If we want businesses and individuals to relocate to the Katahdin region, we need...
East Millinocket Christmas
Katahdin Region Holiday Committee
We love riding past those beautifully-lit trees along Main Street in East Millinocket at Christmastime! This is a fundraiser to purchase some replacement LED lights for the traditional Main Street Christmas tree display, as well as light and decorate the...
Bring Back the Santa House
Katahdin Region Holiday Committee
Restoring a regional holiday tradition! The Holiday Committee would like to bring back a Katahdin region tradition for area children to enjoy over the Christmas holidays. They want to purchase a SANTA CLAUS HOUSE to place in Veteran’s Park.
Revitalize the East MIllinocket Playground
Cheryl and Mark Scally
Mark & Cheryl Scally are looking for volunteers and donations to give the playground in East Millinocket (near the swimming pool) a much-needed ‘facelift’ on August 22nd.
2015 Fourth of July Fireworks for the Katahdin Region
Katahdin Area Chamber of Commerce
Donate to the 2015 Fourth of July Fireworks, co-sponsored by the Katahdin Area Chamber of Commerce and YOU!
2015 East Millinocket SummerFest
Cheryl and Mark Scally
Every July residents and alumni of the Katahdin Region come together to celebrate the East Millinocket SummerFest with local parades, street vendors, dances, games, prizes, food and fun for everyone. Let's keep the tradition going!
"Mobile Movie Theater 2.0" for the Katahdin Region
Katahdin Area Chamber of Commerce
Donate to a Mobile Movie Theater that will be used by local schools and civic organizations to entertain and fundraise in the Katahdin region.
Millinocket Downtown Business Community Sign
Millinocket Downtown Revitalization Committee
Let's make sure everyone knows Millinocket is open for business! The MDRC has been hard at work on a new sign to welcome people to the Downtown Millinocket Business Community.
Katahdin Area Communal Gardens at the Rice Farm
Katahdin Area Communal Gardens
This project began as an idea simply to dig in the dirt and garden together as a community, in an effort to bring our region together as one. By strengthening our core as a region, rather than separate town entities...
Revitalize Hillcrest Park
Amy Collinsworth
Public spaces are where our communities come alive and where our bonds as neighbors are strengthened. Our pride is associated with the health and vitality of our public spaces. This project is the first phase of a transformation for Hillcrest...
Fan Buses to Watch the Schenck boys in the 2015 Class D Basketball Tournament
Dawn M Jacobs York
Remember going to the tourney as a kid? So do we! Let's give our kids the same opportunity. We are thrilled to be working with the Medway School Department to charter up to three FAN BUSES...
Banners to Help Revitalize Downtown Millinocket
Millinocket Downtown Revitalization Committee
Banners are being designed to visually define the downtown area and the main street of the business district. Banners will be in two sizes; twelve of a larger size to go on light poles along Central Street...
Donate to Decorate the Millinocket Main Street for Christmas
Dave and Nancy DeWitt
Expand the holiday cheer on the Main Street of Millinocket! Let's decorate the bandstand and some of the abandoned store windows for the holidays.

Matching Gifts

Thanks Hampden Electrical, another outstanding supporter of the Katahdin Region, for matching $1000 in donations to Our Katahdin projects.

Hampden Electrical

337 Perry Rd. Suite #1
Bangor, ME 04401

IDEXX, with its continued dedication to the health of Maine communities, has generously matched $1500 in donations to
Revitalize Hillcrest Park IDEXX Laboratories

Thank you Lisa Caruso and Jay Peavey for generously matching $500 in donations to the
Katahdin Area Communal Gardens
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