Pete Michaud

Being born and raised in Millinocket. There is no other place i would rather be.

  • Katahdin 100

    I race mountain bikes in a category called 'ultra endurance'. This category of racing brings great attention to small places that host 100 mile and 24 hr circuit races, the central need being rugged, laden with trails, and beautiful. Moab 24 ....Bend 100 ...Leadville 100 ...Ducktown (Cohutta 100) ....Dolohnega (Fools Gold 100) cetera....

    A Katahdin 100 properly planned and executed could become a part of the NUE Series, and would bring olympic and other amateur and pro talent to a race staged to start and finish in Millinocket, that coursed through the rugged AT area and back. All major such races in the US regularly obtain permits for temporary access to restricted public and private lands, from pristine areas of southern Utah around Zion to outside Jackson in the Tetons. The best model for a Katahdin 100 would be a hybrid of the Mohican 100 in Ohio and the Wilderness 101 in central Pennsylvania.