John Kedderis

  • Bus / Van Tours

    My idea is to start a bus / van tour business. I would suggest picking up tourists out of Portland for what would be a 3-day tour. The first day could be spent exploring the coast on Route 1. There are tons of picturesque places to stop. Maybe visit a lighthouse and stop for lobster rolls or a seafood dinner. Stopping at LL Bean might be another option. The second day could be spent in Bar Harbor. Passengers could take a trolley tour of Mount Cadillac or go on a whale watching cruise. The third day would be spent in the Katahdin area. Maybe explore Baxter State Park for a bit, take passengers to popular Moose hang outs or to watch the river rafters. Not sure if anyone offers boat rides on Ambajejus Lake or Millinocket Lake, but that might be a possible source of entertainment. Something like this could bring business to hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops. Another option would be to run two-day tours out of Bangor. One day could be spent in Bar Harbor and the other in the Katahdin region. The tours could be tailored to the seasons. I think something like this would be extremely attractive to someone visiting Maine for the first time. It would be an opportunity to see all of the best that Maine has to offer and not have to worry about self-navigation. As far I could tell, no one is currently offering an all-encompassing tour like this, or if they are, it isn’t being advertised very well and there is always room for another player. I feel like there has always been a separation between the coast and the mountains of Maine, but to me the coast and the mountains are equally beautiful and I don’t see why they can’t work off of each other. Maybe there are people that prefer the coast over the mountains, or vice versa, but I suspect there are quite a few that enjoy both and I think this would be a great way to promote the state of Maine, not just its individual parts.

  • Bus to a Patriots or Red Sox Game?

    I Just had another idea what does everyone think of going to see either a Red Sox game or to see the Super Bowl Champion Patriots play at Gillette??? Thoughts???

  • World Series Trips for Little League Baseball Divisions??

    Just an idea for a couple of Our Katahdin projects if anyone wants to take them on: I don't have the time or resources to do so in the summer, but what about organizing a trip to either the Little League World Series in Williamsport Pennsylvania or to the Senior League World Series that is held at Mansfield Stadium in Bangor, both events are during the month of August. I Can check into the dates and post them. good idea, thoughts, etc??? Here are the dates of both World Series events: Senior League World Series is August 2nd to August 8th in Bangor. Little League World Series is August 20th thru August 30th in Williamsport, PA. Just wondering how much interest there would be in doing this!! would be an awesome time at both events.