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  • Industry Maine: State of the art Hydronponic grennhousing

    A big congratulations on recent purchase of the Millinocket GNP site!

    My Idea had been posted dating January 2015, referencing Industrial Commercial Hydroponic Greenhouse technology. Similar to a Tomato based operations in Madison Maine, also known as Backyard Farms.

    Many different types of Vegetables and Fruits can provide a selection, based on population demand, with operations that range 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    Many countries to include the Netherlands Dutch, our neighbor Canada, which has such facilities on both Quebec and Ontario provinces with complexes ranging 25 to 125 acres in size. Resources such as University of Maine, Farm Co-Op extensions I am sure can provide plans, advice, consult knowledge, lists of potential corporations both Stateside and abroad that maybe Interested in building a Relationship / Industry within the local regions and with it's Commerce representatives.  

    Food is, and will always be, in high demand as a needed commodity. Hydroponic is the future.

    An Indoor, State of the Art, Hydroponic Industry will surely win the approval of regulatory agencies as well as Labor forces representing disciplines in Engineering Technical, Agriculture, IT, Transportation, Construction, as well as Federal / State commerce.

    With recent and continuing developments within the U.S. regarding flooding, drought, and other disaster related events, situations like these only strengthens the demand & need for Indoor, controlled environments, which provides food in a safer, more consistent fashion. 

    Most, if not all infrastructure is readily provided: Hydro generated Electricity, Water, Transportation, both Rail and Truck, High Speed Internet to Include Fiber, On-line Global monitoring, Land, and support elements in Educational / Supplier Outlets.


    It's main waste can also be used as compost for re-use. A model for sustainable Green Industry going forward.

    Lastly, this type of Industry also augments the growing outdoor recreational popularity, vacationing Katahdin Monument status, and green, renewable resource with:

                                                                                 Millinocket , a City under Glass !                                                                           

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