Robotics Team - Stearns Jr./Sr. High School

$5,500.00 raised
GOAL: $5,500.00
100.0% funded

Project Leader: Heather Girsa

A great opportunity for middle school students, Robotic Kits! Students will learn the software and how to use the equipment. They will use science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to solve given problems and challenges provided by the league in which they need to build and program a robot. This will be done by using critical thinking skills, coding and design skills through hands-on learning experiences. The robots will then be used in competitions across the state against other middle school students.


Please help us support an educational and fun experience for the youth!

Project Budget:

  • Community Donation Goal: $2,500
  • Matching Funds: $2,500
  • Corporate Donation Goal: $2,500 (seeking partners)
  • Corporate Sponsorship Goal: $2,500 from Versant Power ✔