Performing Arts Traveling Sound System

$2,402.21 raised
GOAL: $2,400.00
100.0% funded

Support our local youth and Performing Arts!

Unified Harmony

Project leader: Matt Waite
For: Performing Arts Department, Unified Harmony Show Choir

The Millinocket Performing Arts Department is one of the most active and well respected performing arts departments in the state of Maine. Our programs have a long history of excellence dating back to the mid 1970s and even before then. We have had many awards for all of our programs both in state and nationally. Our programs during the school day include: Chorus, Band, and General Music classes for grades K-12 and musical theatre, guitar, sound engineering classes for grades 9-12. Our "after school" activities include: Fall Musical (Grades 6-12), Jazz Band (Grades 6-12), One Act Play (Grades 9-12), Unified Harmony Show Choir (Grades 9-12), Jr. High Show Choir (Grades 6-8), Elementary Chorus (Grades 4-5), and Instruments Lessons (Grades 4 and 5).

For the past 10 years our High School after school activities have been open to students from Schenck High School, those include: High School Jazz Band, One Act Play, Fall Musical, and Unified Harmony Show Choir. This has been a very successful and award winning relationship between the two towns and it has brought the two communities together in a great way.

As you can see our programs and activities reach across the entire Katahdin Region and gives all of our area students an opportunity to nurture their loves for the performing arts.

Because the Millinocket Performing Arts Department is very well respected in the state, and because Stearns High School is diligently maintained and a beautiful facility; we have the opportunities to host a number of festivals and events throughout the entire year. These festivals and events include: Sporting, Performing Arts, Civic, Political, Non-profit, and community. A vast majority of these have the Millinocket Performing Arts Departments' direct involvement. With this kind of workload, we need to upgrade our traveling sound system. Therefore, our project is for you to contribute to upgrading our traveling sound system. 

Equipment Needed:
Furman M-8x2:  8 Outlet Rack-mountable Power Conditioner with Wall Wart Spacing on rear outlets. (Reason for equipment: This piece of equipment will protect the other electrical components from any damage caused by power outages or bumps. This will also help to clean any "dirty" electrical signal in the audio sound flow).  Cost: $64.99

Behringer X32 Compact Digital Sound Mixer:  This is a fully digital 40 input, 25 total bus digital mixer, with 16 programmable mic Preamps, 17 Motorized Faders, Virtual FX Rack, and 7" Color TFT screen. (This is the travel size version of our professional quality Behringer X32 Mixer we have in our auditorium. This mixer gives us everything we need to handle every event that we could possibly host in our building or in the Katahdin Region).  Cost: $1799.99

2 - Pro Co 150' Shielded Cat 5e Ethercon Cables:  Data Cable, Cat 5e protocol, 150 foot in length (These cables will let the Behringer X32 Compact Digital Mixer talk to other components on the output side of the sound chain).  Cost: $439.98

This project will benefit our students in the Katahdin region in a number of ways:

  • We are an educational institution first and foremost, and because of this reason our students have hands on training in all of our equipment and we try and have them run this equipment during events when it is appropriate. You go to most of our events and you will see a student running the equipment. This gives the students hands on, practical experience. We live in a digital world now, and upgrading this traveling sound system to a digital system will give our students first hand experience running, installing, and troubleshooting situations in an environment like they would encounter in a professional setting.

  • This equipment is so versatile that it will accommodate any event that we have outside of our auditorium. Either in the building or out in the community. This will benefit the entire Katahdin Region.