Exterior abatement completed!

Our vision for 230 Penobscot continues to get brighter and more focused. We are eager to continue renovations and create a space that supports entrepreneurs and small businesses, and serves as a downtown hub for connecting to resources and activities. We’re a small step closer.

In the past month, Safe Environmental Solutions completed the exterior abatement of the asbestos faux brick siding. They were fantastic to work with and took so much care to ensure everyone was safe. We now have a building with great bones that is mold and asbestos free inside and out! TRC Solutions continues to work with us to use all of the funds available from the Brownfield EPA grant to maximize the clean-up of the building. Acadia Designworks, an architecture firm with an office in Portland and now in Millinocket, has been working with us to design a beautiful new facade, clean beautiful bathrooms, accessible entrances, and our office space. 

The green siding is gone! As far as we can tell from talking with residents and looking at photographs from the Millinocket Historical Society, the green siding went up in the early 1960’s. For most of us, it is how we remember the building for as long as we can remember. Now, the original 100+ year old clapboards and windows on the upper floor are exposed. They’ve inspired us for the new facade design and we’re thrilled to be bringing those windows back. 

It’s been quite a transformation, and we’re only half-way done. Below is a short story of siding removal in photos. The next newsletter will hopefully include photos of new siding going back on! 


230 Penobscot, early morning May 20, 2019. Green siding still in place.


230 Penobscot, morning May 20, 2019. Green siding coming down.


230 Penobscot, mid-morning May 20, 2019. Green metal siding gone on east and south sides. Faux brick siding and original four windows uncovered.


230 Penobscot, mid-morning May 23, 2019. Faux brick siding coming off.


230 Penobscot, late morning May 23, 2019. Tricky metal siding that dangerously acts like sails in the wind and faux brick coming down. High afternoon winds stopped work the day before.


230 Penobscot, afternoon June 5, 2019. All asbestos containing faux brick is removed. Interior and exterior abatement is complete! Thank you Safe Environmental Solutions.

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