Welcome Mural

$2,500.00 raised
GOAL: $2,500.00
100.0% funded

Project Leader: Joy McEwen

When you think about the history of the Town of Millinocket, what comes to mind?

Local artist, Joy McEwen, wants to paint a mural highlighting the papermaking history of Millinocket on the visible side of Katahdin View Storage, LLC.- the brick building near the park on the corner of Central St. and Penobscot Ave. It’s going to honor the history of the river drivers and the paper mill, and be a beautiful welcome to all who drive by.

If you’re curious about Joy’s work, she painted the breath-taking mural on the back of the True Value building. Her new mural will be in a highly visible place for all to see, admire and remember a little bit of the path this town has traveled.

Large murals have attracted visitors and instilled a sense of hometown pride in communities across the world. Cincinnati, Ohio has transformed the city with large, historic and modern murals. You can check them out!

Will you help bring Joy’s art to life?

Project Budget: $2,500



Paint - 10 gallons, mixture of white, red, yellow, green, blue, brown, black


Painting supplies, tarp, brushes


Mural Painting




The exact image is still in the works. Joy’s vision is to combine iconic images of river drivers and the paper mill.

Millinocket Mill