Dalton Ingraham

  • Pond Hockey Tournament

    Pond hockey tournaments are becoming more popular. My family is in VT this weekend for one and will be partipating in the Maine Pond Hockey Tourney in Sidney in a couple weeks - mostly with Stearns Hockey Alum. What better place to play than overlooking Katahdin. Let's revitalize hockey in the tri-town area. Much like the marathon, I see this as an opportunity to bring a lot of business to the area.

  • Dogsled Race

    Many towns in Maine offer a number of winter events that bringone to the region. I would think the region would be a prime location to host a dogsled race. Much like the marathon seemed to put the region back on the map, a well publicised exciting winter event like a dogsled race could attract additional revenue generating events to the area. With plenty of winter snow, hundreds of miles off well established trails, and located in the shadow of Katahdin... wouldn't that be a great recipe for a sled race? There would be little maintenance needed to prep... marking trails, possibly grooming (which happens already), race organizers, publicity could be channelled mostly to free social media... something to consider!