Revitalize Hillcrest Park

$5,200.00 raised
GOAL: $5,000.00
100.0% funded

Led by Amy Collinsworth

Public spaces are where our communities come alive and where our bonds as neighbors are strengthened.  Our pride is associated with the health and vitality of our public spaces.  This project is the first phase of a transformation for Hillcrest Park.  This phase will transform Hillcrest Park from a wasteland to a vibrant park with a walking path, resurfaced basketball court, trees, grass, flowers, benches, picnic tables and a 'Welcome to Hillcrest Park' sign.

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 Today  Vision for Phase 1 

The Hillcrest Playground located on Cottage Road in Millinocket was once the heart and soul of every neighborhood kid in the New Development growing up. It didn't have much, but it had enough to create wonderful childhood memories including basketball games, clog the slide, first kisses, teenage hangouts (enjoying the equipment and having fun), baseball, kickball, and obviously the swings! It didn't matter what age you were, the Hillcrest Playground was the place to go and hang out!

The New Development is a neighborhood that is taken care of by its residents with such pride, always having mowed lawns, friendly atmosphere, and children and pets galore! But a few years ago, the Recreation Department did an analysis of the Hillcrest Playground and declared it was unsafe. They decided to tear down certain pieces of equipment, and leave the rest up. Unfortunately a misunderstanding with a well-intentioned citizen led to the demolition of all the equipment at the playground except for three old tires.


Because of this situation, the New Development, one of the nicest and safest residential areas in the region, has suffered a terrible loss and gained a heartbreaking 'eye sore' of land. Since the land sits directly in the middle of the development, many of us have to ride by and endure the loss everyday, knowing our kids will never grow up reminiscing on those days/nights spent at the Hillcrest Playground.

Everyday I drove by that lot thinking to myself 'wow that is terrible, such a desolate wasteland now, when are they ever going to fix it?' Knowing the town doesn't have the funds, and after reading an article in our local paper that asked the high school students what they would like to see in this town, I thought to myself how amazing it was for the town council to ask them, and right then and there I decided that I would lead a project to revitalize the playground.

After being interviewed for the BDN several times to discuss the beautification of the region and how the region is now starting to rise from the ashes, I created a Facebook page called "There Ain't No "Mill" In Ocket", to try and rally the troops and talk positively to figure out who wants to take on new projects. I declared I was taking on the rebuilding of the Hillcrest Playground, which has had outstanding positive feedback both from the citizens of the town and the town councilors. The group page now has more than 500 members from all over Maine near and far who want to join the crusade to bring our region back to life. (533 in its first month)!!!

The rebuilding of this playground would give so much hope and positivity to our region. Everyone is ready for change and anything to bring something spectacular to the area, whether its a business or a landscape, will do the region a world of good.

I am not shy about asking for help when I know it's needed. I know lots of people in the area want to see us thrive again. Well, here's your chance! Help donate to us to rebuild one of the most influential and memorable places in Millinocket. And this time, we'll build it not only as a playground, but as a multi-use park to allow each of us to enjoy its amenities and have a space that becomes a center for our community once again!

"Phase One" of this Project (funded by donations to this page)

For the first phase of this project, we are looking to clean up the area and make it look more presentable to the people. The current plan for Phase 1 includes:

  • The planting of grass, trees and flowers
  • The addition of a walking path along the perimeter
  • A resurfaced basketball court
  • A "Welcome to Hillcrest Park" sign
  • As well as some benches, picnic tables, etc.


Phase 1 will allow the park to be used again and to send a strong message that we are getting started! Over time, we will add in new functionality and pieces of equipment. This will not be a "quick fix", but step by step, it can be done!

Generous in-kind donations are already rolling in!

I am happy to say that the majority of Phase 1 materials have been generously donated by different people and organizations right here in the Katahdin Region. I have had many people show interest to help contribute any way they can.

Nothing has meant more than to find out that there are people here willing to make things possible, especially when they themselves have a sentimental attachment to the project.  Here are the in-kind donations thus far:

  • Level and flatten the land: offer by Millinocket Public Works Department 
  • Hay: 7-8 barrels donated by Jim Kelly
  • Mulch: all donated by Scotts
  • Loom: all donated by Maine Heritage Timber, along with all the wood necessary to create the 'Welcome to Hillcrest Park' sign
  • Flowers: Cathy Zetterman donating her 10+ year old garden with lots of flowers, shrubs, get us started!
  • Trees: Katahdin Forest Management going to go into the woods with me and help me pick out any trees I want from our own back yard, with the assistance of Martin Cyr
  • Asphalt: Lanes Construction willing to work with us on providing some asphalt
  • 'Welcome to Hillcrest Park' sign: will be built by the talented Paul Gangon