Old Medway Church Window Sills

$2,503.04 raised
GOAL: $2,500.00
100.0% funded

Project Leader: Kathy Lee

The Medway community is rallying to restore the Church. It is a beautiful, historic building and a meaningful building for the entire community. Recently, Alyssa Dickinson, her 8th grade students and mentors from the community formed the Medway Historical Society, which is now located in the Church.

The town is committed to renovating the Church. Community members are helping to write grants. Last summer, they hired a roofing company to replace the roof and soffits. The next project is to replace the rotten window sills and broken window panes. There are 20 windows that need replacing, with an estimate of $1,000 each. This project will contribute to that effort.

Help restore the windows on the beautiful and historic Church that greets us all as we exit the highway.

Old Medway Church


Total project budget: $20,000
20 windows @ $1,000 each

Requested amount = $2,500.00