MRH Warming Blankets

$2,745.00 raised
GOAL: $2,500.00
100.0% funded

Support Local Healthcare

Millinocket Regional Hospital

Project Leader: Kim Faloon / MRH
Millinocket Regional Hospital Outpatient Oncology Clinic treats patients from the entire region. Patients receiving chemotherapy come from Patten, Island Falls, Mt. Chase, Sherman, Medway, East Millinocket and Millinocket.

While these patients receive their chemo treatment for several hours, they are very cold due to a weakened immune system. To help increase patients’ comfort and help take the chill off, the Oncology Clinic is raising funds to purchase a blanket warmer that can heat 24-30 blankets and better serve patients.

Blanket Warmer

Rural hospitals strive to offer all of the services and comfort of care while working on limited budgets, and there are items that don't get funded or incorporated into grants or part of outside funding.  MRH holds many community fundraisers to help close those gaps, and Our Katahdin is proud to support the need of this project and to help bring visibility to a need in the Katahdin Region with our friends, family and alumni.

A community partner is donating a portion of the funds. This fundraiser will allow us to raise the remaining funds and purchase the blanket warmer.

Equipment: VSWC 36-G Cabinet Blanket/Fluid Warmer (24-30 blankets)
Total cost: $3,621.68
Asking for: $2,500.00