Millinocket Downtown Business Community Sign

$1,000.00 raised
GOAL: $1,000.00
100.0% funded

Led by the Millinocket Downtown Revitalization Committee

Let's make sure everyone knows Millinocket is open for business! The Millinocket downtown is not always on everyone's route when they drive through the town.  Visual signs are needed to be sure people know to "turn left" when coming through town to visit the downtown shops and restaurants.  More traffic through the downtown will be good for existing businesses, and will lead to the downtown area becoming more attractive to prospective business owners as well.   

New Downtown Sign

As such, the Millinocket Downtown Revitalization Committee (MDRC) has a "Sign Committee" to help address these issues. This committee has been busy for months working on designs, location and fundraising strategies.  Ande from DaVinci Designs has created a design out of the elements the committee requested; the mountain, the banner design, the slogan "Welcome to Millinocket" and a designation of "Business Community", rather than Business District.  The committee wanted to keep the color consistent with the banners so blue was chosen, with a green accent. 

When the committee was considering the location of a new Millinocket downtown sign to replace the current deteriorated sign, it seemed right to locate the new sign on the same posts right after Forest Avenue and just before crossing Millinocket Stream.  This is the right place to welcome people to our business community and, with the banner design incorporated in the design, makes it easy to follow the downtown logo down our main street, Penobscot Avenue. 

For years we have struggled with how to get our visitors to turn left down Penobscot Avenue and now with the colorful banners and signage, we hope it becomes a welcoming visual path.