Flag to watch over Medway Athletic Fields

$2,457.25 raised
GOAL: $2,457.25
100.0% funded

Project Leader: George McLaughlin


It’s been a labor love 10 years in the making. George McLaughlin remembers watching his grandaughter playing a soccer game on a field that was practically under water. That sparked a journey to create fantastic athletic fields for Medway Middle School sports teams and host tournaments.

With support from the school board, the town, and the community, the Medway fields project has invested almost $1 million dollars to create beautiful new fields for baseball, softball and soccer that young athletes will play on for generations. The fields are fenced in, and even have a moveable fence to host softball and baseball games. The project started from the ground up and included excavation, setting drainage pipes and a filter pond. Extra loam was added to the fields to get them into perfect shape. The grass is in. The scoreboard is up. The parking lot is ready for spectators.

The fields need a flagpole and a flag to fly over the scoreboard.

Project Budget: $2,457.25



35’ Fiberglass Flagpole

$ 1875.00

6’x10’ Flag

$ 75.00

Engineering and placement

$ 400.00

Estimated Tax





Please consider donating today to help raise a flag at the Medway Middle School athletic fields in time for fall sports. Go Huskies!