Ktaadn Arts Gallery

$1,251.00 raised
GOAL: $1,250.00
100.0% funded

Project Leader:  Kimberley Lyons, Will Cassio, Sam Cote

Ktaadn Arts GalleryKtaadn Arts is a nonprofit organization recognized as tax exempt under IRS section 501(c)3 (pending). Their mission is to serve as a community resource for creative engagement; to support the arts of the region by teaching, sharing and exhibiting.

They formed in early 2019 after a few deeply rooted questions were brought to the surface...

  • How can it be easier for local artists to be seen?
  • How can the arts be amplified in our communities?
  • Is there opportunity to provide all ages with experiences that could inspire a future in the arts?
  • If so, how can we support those creative futures?
  • Lastly, how many of us are asking the same questions?

Ktaadn Arts will be occupying a space in downtown Millinocket below the Designlab offices upon renovating. This space will serve as a gallery and education center for all of those interested in the Katahdin region and beyond. The initiative will offer different levels of membership to the public when the gallery and education center opens. This will allow for various levels of participation. The gallery and education center will be a collaborative effort run by the artists and members who sign on to have a display space in the gallery. Artist-run spaces have become very successful in areas such as Bucksport and coastal towns where creativity and tourism are key. With each artist/member possessing different talents, Ktaadn Arts will host events, lessons and workshops for all ages of the public, as well as collaborative meetings and such for internal members.

Ktaadn Arts will work with the local school systems to provide lessons and events for kids, as well as setting up scholarships and contests through the school art programs which will lead to exhibitions and showcasing work for those winning students in our space. Creating a support system and platform for local/emerging artists is incredibly important, as well as paving a path of opportunity for younger generations who may be interested in making the arts a part of their future.

Ktaadn Arts Gallery

Please help the Ktaadn Arts Gallery renovate their space on Penobscot Avenue in Millinocket to create a new gallery and education center for the Katahdin Region. The funds raised will go towards putting in a new ceiling with subsequent lighting and doing some finish work.

Project Budget:

Renovations include -
Removing drop ceiling, restoring 10’ ceilings, mud, sheetrock and paint
Replacing wiring
Leveling and refinishing floors
Installing track lighting

Lighting Total - $985.11

6 Tracks - $349.20
3 Track connectors - $44.40
12 Track bulbs - $444.00
3 Track end feed - $66.45
3 Track floating canopy - $29.70

Supplies Total - $1,527.75

30 sheets sheetrock - $388.80
25 sheets plywood - $924.00
5 gallons paint - $214.95

TOTAL BUDGET: $2,512.86   requesting $1,250.00