East Millinocket Scoreboard

$3,575.00 raised
GOAL: $2,500.00
100.0% funded

Project Leader: John Montgomery

Tri-town soccer players need your help! Generations past, present, and future can continue to honor Coach Ron Marks with a new, fully functional scoreboard.


With fall just months away, soccer continues to be a legacy in the tri-town area. Ron Marks Soccer Field is located in East Millinocket. The current scoreboard is no longer maintainable or sustainable. In collaboration with the East Millinocket School System, Our Katahdin and you, we can bring the goal within reach! Matching donations are being pursued as well.

Please help us support a great sport for the youth who will continue to learn what it means to be a team, work together and have fun! Let's donate together today and make this happen!


Budget Description: Ron Marks Soccer Field Scoreboard
Project Budget: $10,000

  • Community Donation Goal: $2,500
  • Matching Funds: $2,500
  • Corporate Donation Goal: $2,500 (seeking partners)
  • Corporate Sponsorship Goal: $2,500 (seeking partners)