Katahdin Area Communal Gardens at the Rice Farm

$5,000.00 raised
GOAL: $5,000.00
100.0% funded

Led by Joshua R. Stevens

This project began as an idea simply to dig in the dirt and garden together as a community, in an effort to bring our region together as one.  By strengthening our core as a region, rather than separate town entities, we will likely have a better chance at surviving the struggles of an economic downturn due to the paper-making industry’s demise.


It quickly became apparent that the people and elected officials in this region very much want to see the success of a community garden, not just as a large production garden, but also as an industry.  We aim to promote a healthy diet and lifestyle by producing organic fruits and vegetables, as well as honey, eggs and ornamentals.  Our goal is to produce a sustainable, long term industry with little to no negative impact on the environment, while also creating much needed jobs for the great people of this region. We truly believe a community garden can do both.

images-67.jpegOur long term vision includes a 4-H program, pro-biotic products for consumption and home gardens, organic ready-to-use soil mixes, and seedlings for purchase.  We will also be donating to the local food banks as we can, or helping them to start their own garden plot specifically for the food bank.

Our goals for the future include community outreach and support for those looking to begin or transition into organic sustainable farming methods, as well as offering supplies, workshops and an educational piece such as a school garden project. We will also be looking to offer CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) shares. We hope to see this to fruition either late this season or early next season.  We will be participating in the regional and local farmer’s markets, as well as offering our own farm stand and possibly offering our products to local restaurants.

2015 Katahdin Area Communal Gardens Budget 

Phase One
We are seeking a total donations amount of ten thousand dollars for start-up costs for phase one and two of the project. If we can raise at least half of this amount in the coming weeks, we can apply for matching funds from the K.A.R.E. (Katahdin Area Recovery and Expansion) call for proposals.

Our budget is based on start-up costs which will be directly used for purchasing equipment and materials necessary for the beginning of our project. The single biggest cost will be the purchase of a greenhouse for $5-7,000 or materials to build a greenhouse, whichever proves to be most cost effective. The greenhouse will not only give us a minimum of four weeks jump on the planting season, but will also provide us with a minimum of four more weeks on the end of the season as well. We have allocated another $1,500 for dirt and organic amendments. Also included is enough to procure a few beehives to ensure the open air all natural pollination of our crops. We would also like to add laying hens in this phase one plan to help bring in some revenue early on before our harvests start coming in, as well as invaluable insect control the chickens offer as they will eat the unwanted bugs.

Phase Two
We have also planned $1,000 for ground preparations or backhoe rental in order to prepare the land and plant our spring crops. Included in this section are all of our shovels and tools for daily use on the farm such as hoes, shovels, trowels, seeds, organic pest control, hoses, sprayers, liquid nutrients, row coverings and fasteners. We are also seeking grants through Bangor Savings Banks, Maine Department of Agriculture, and the United States Department of Agriculture, United Way of Eastern Maine Libra Foundation, Anthem of Maine, Peoples United Bank, Lowes, Home Depot as well as specific direct company solicitations.

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