New Anchor Industry for Millinocket

My Idea comes from an Engineering perspective driven by a need for big change in Katahdin. Key word here is Paradigm shift.

You move for a paper based region, to a food based region. I propose that you form a steering committee, develop an Economic package geared to attract a developmental industry that design, construct & operate State of the Art Hydroponic based Greenhouse complex.

Backyard Farms, based in Madison Maine is a perfect example. Maine can take their now, or soon to be decommissioned mill facilities and transform their compounds to year round food suppliers. If you White board this, you will see that the ingredients  to sustain such complexes are there. Land, water, Electricity, Transportation both Rail and Truck, High Speed data networks for SCADA, control, E-commerce etc.

 As you scroll through this link, you will find I have touched on this subject before. Many countries esp. Canada do this on a huge scale with complexes ranging from 50 acres, to 125 acres and varied. All your key elements are available at Mill locations that can provide such an Industry. Food will always carry a need label. Not only is such a complex sustainable, but what a picture postcard it can make for a town at night. A city under glass.

Ripogenus Dam alone can provide the water and Hydroelectric needs.

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