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They are a customer based community. I am comm. engineering for the Central Maine & Quebec Railway.

  • Hydroponic Greenhouse Tech:

    This is a suggestion that has been entered on this site, will revise. With the addition of the Monument, Baxter State Park, NEOC, AMC purchases, Millinocket is becoming a more outdoor recreational established community with recognition know thoughout the world.

    It is only fitting, and fits, that the area also transform & develops from a Paper Industry, to a Food Producing Industry, year round, such as the paper Industry was.

    Many countries: Canada, Norway, Netherlands, Holland, Germany, and even USA operate Greenhouse food producing facilities year round, 24/7. The range from 50 to 120 Acre buildings. Both prior Mill real estate properties can accommodate such construction. All Infrastructure is there. Checkout: &

    Envision this: Millinocket, the City under Glass.


  • Nice going! I believe the region is prime real estate for greenhouse technology such as Madison and Backyard Farms

  • Exterior Solar Light Funds!

    Hello Everyone, I propose we put a fundraiser together to fund for solar lights to help brighten up downtown! Please see the link above, for they are not expensive, come in different colors, and we could really spruce up downtown, efficiently, artistically, and so forth…we can also put these lights up on top of central street, maybe peddlers hill? up by McDonalds, and so forth! Light up Millinocket! What do you all think?

  • Industry Maine: State of the art Hydronponic grennhousing

    A big congratulations on recent purchase of the Millinocket GNP site!

    My Idea had been posted dating January 2015, referencing Industrial Commercial Hydroponic Greenhouse technology. Similar to a Tomato based operations in Madison Maine, also known as Backyard Farms.

    Many different types of Vegetables and Fruits can provide a selection, based on population demand, with operations that range 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    Many countries to include the Netherlands Dutch, our neighbor Canada, which has such facilities on both Quebec and Ontario provinces with complexes ranging 25 to 125 acres in size. Resources such as University of Maine, Farm Co-Op extensions I am sure can provide plans, advice, consult knowledge, lists of potential corporations both Stateside and abroad that maybe Interested in building a Relationship / Industry within the local regions and with it's Commerce representatives.  

    Food is, and will always be, in high demand as a needed commodity. Hydroponic is the future.

    An Indoor, State of the Art, Hydroponic Industry will surely win the approval of regulatory agencies as well as Labor forces representing disciplines in Engineering Technical, Agriculture, IT, Transportation, Construction, as well as Federal / State commerce.

    With recent and continuing developments within the U.S. regarding flooding, drought, and other disaster related events, situations like these only strengthens the demand & need for Indoor, controlled environments, which provides food in a safer, more consistent fashion. 

    Most, if not all infrastructure is readily provided: Hydro generated Electricity, Water, Transportation, both Rail and Truck, High Speed Internet to Include Fiber, On-line Global monitoring, Land, and support elements in Educational / Supplier Outlets.


    It's main waste can also be used as compost for re-use. A model for sustainable Green Industry going forward.

    Lastly, this type of Industry also augments the growing outdoor recreational popularity, vacationing Katahdin Monument status, and green, renewable resource with:

                                                                                 Millinocket , a City under Glass !                                                                           

  • New Anchor Industry for Millinocket

    My Idea comes from an Engineering perspective driven by a need for big change in Katahdin. Key word here is Paradigm shift.

    You move for a paper based region, to a food based region. I propose that you form a steering committee, develop an Economic package geared to attract a developmental industry that design, construct & operate State of the Art Hydroponic based Greenhouse complex.

    Backyard Farms, based in Madison Maine is a perfect example. Maine can take their now, or soon to be decommissioned mill facilities and transform their compounds to year round food suppliers. If you White board this, you will see that the ingredients  to sustain such complexes are there. Land, water, Electricity, Transportation both Rail and Truck, High Speed data networks for SCADA, control, E-commerce etc.

     As you scroll through this link, you will find I have touched on this subject before. Many countries esp. Canada do this on a huge scale with complexes ranging from 50 acres, to 125 acres and varied. All your key elements are available at Mill locations that can provide such an Industry. Food will always carry a need label. Not only is such a complex sustainable, but what a picture postcard it can make for a town at night. A city under glass.

    Ripogenus Dam alone can provide the water and Hydroelectric needs.


    Solar power LED street lighting similar to those in Caribou Rt# 1 bypass project.

  • Good start, beneficial. Better appearance means change in atmosphere.

  • Your on the right track. Hydroponic based industries are the future.

  • Exactly: Spot one. time to quantum leap into the high tech, state of the art ideas that support food clothing and shelter technologies for the area. the Mill complexes have all the on site infrastructure to re- purpose industries .Hydroponic technology is a perfect example. Backyard Farms in Madison Maine did exactly that.

  • Parallel to my suggestion: Build a state or the art hydroponic indoor greenhouse for year round food growing complex. Madison Maine has such an industry:
    State of Maine’s largest building approx 42 acres under glass.
    their number one resource is AC Power. Millinocket mills has just that.

  • Very good info! Did not know that.
    This is good news in terms that they are familiar with the area and possibly have an interest in revisiting the idea and possibilities.
    Like I published before, Electricity, Water and Land seems to be key elements for such a project for interest.

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