Bobbie's Garden Fences

$460.00 raised
GOAL: $450.00
100.0% funded

Project Leader:  Bobbie Allen

To protect newly planted trees and flowers along the Michaud Trail, Bobbie is raising funds for fencing for the area. The garden needs approximately 75 feet of chain link fencing to create a safe boundary between the planted trees and flowers in the area near the Little League Field where the ATV trail comes alongside the walking path and the lawn. This way ATV riders, cyclists and walkers will be able to enjoy the trees and flowers as they use the nearby path.

Help turn a new section of flower garden into a beautiful, flourishing garden like the others along the path.

Project Budget: $450.00

Budget Description:

- 4ft x 50ft 11.5 Gauge galvanized steel chain link fabric -- $118.45
- 2 packages fasteners 6-1/2 in. 11-Gauge Aluminum Chain Link Fence Ties (30-Pack) --  $11.96
- 5 poles - Galvanized Steel Terminal Post -- $94.90
- 5 Galvanized Top Rail -- $64.90
- 5 pole caps  -- $7.85
- 6 bags of 50 lb. Fast-Setting Concrete Mix -- $34.50
- Rental of hole digger -- $66

Your donations will help turn a new, fledgling garden into a beautiful flowering garden like Bobbie’s others!

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