Night Water Festival at Jerry Pond

There are some amazing things that can be done with water and lights, for instance, the water fountain show at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, the cute light parade on the lagoon at Disney World and the way they illuminate Niagara Falls. I was thinking why not hold a nighttime mini water and light festival. I think Jerry Pond would be a great location for such an event. Maybe there could be a little water parade. Have a couple of boats tow some floats decorated with lights around the pond. Maybe there could be some kind of fountain/light show. You could go big and buy a floating fountain system made for lakes and ponds for a few thousand dollars or do something more small scale and decorate the pond with illuminated floating swimming pool fountains for about $40 each, or just borrow the fountain from the Credit Union, ha, ha, just kidding. Another option might be renting a fountain system, or maybe there are companies for hire that put on fountain shows? Maybe there could be a little fireworks show in the middle of the pond from a wharf. The picnic areas could be decorated with lights and illuminated paper lanterns could hang from trees. Children could launch floating lanterns or little toy sailboats on the water with battery operated tea lights inside. They sell beach balls with glow sticks inside of them, so could have a few of those around for kids to play with. Maybe a few floating sky lanterns could be released. Everyone could toast marshmallows. Maybe there could be campfire stories for the kids. Vendors could sell food and glow products. The beach in Medway by the bridge or Millinocket Lake might be other possible locations? Since Millinocket Lake has several resorts, this might be a way to attract additional business, but because there are private camps on the lake, I don't know what types of restrictions there might be? In closing, I think this has the potential to be a unique and fun event.

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