Troy Ware

  • COMPROMISE for the Katahdin region.

    Whats missing is an effort for compromise. This can work if both sides sit down and work toward common goals and compromise on topics that are tough. It can me done. Reach out to communities across our country that are dealing with the same issues; Some have been successful and some are failing. There are ways to harvest trees and meet the needs of the opponents. Burt's Bees products are not manufactured without chemicals that are not controversial by an organization somewhere. And some companies are pushing the boundaries of harvesting trees. Compromise can bring some prosperity back to the entire region. It won't be the industrial wealth and pay that Great Northern Paper provided. And it doesnt need to mean that the tourist industry and logging industry need to suffer because of a $15k study about a "rare" mushroom. Negotiate and Compromise. While I've been living in Southern Maine I have always watched what has been happening back home. I find myself drawn into this because I am one of the Southern Maine residents that will likely cast a vote. How can I make sure the vast majority of the population understands what is really going on at "home"?

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