Kathy Gagnon

  • Tri Town Summer Event

    My husband and I were trying to come up with an idea for the tri-town area to work together and have some fun. A big problem with events is having enough volunteers, so why not hold a 3-day event (on a long weekend) with volunteers and vendors from all 3 towns helping each other? With resources and ideas from all towns united, we could do something awesome. Here is our suggestion: Day 1- Event in Millinocket's park. Perhaps downtown landlords can consider leasing space as pop-up stores for local people to set up shop for the 3 days. Have the Taste of Katahdin with food to sample, cooking contest, art exhibit/auction in the park with music. Day 2 - East Millinocket, Family Day at Hathaway's with small carnival rides, games, picnic, music/talent show or open mike... Day 3 - Medway swim games and canoe races, anything that floats, duck derby... Ending with music, dance and fireworks. These are just suggestions, I am sure people can think of so many more ideas for this. Let's build our community, united and stronger.